Saturday, 5 December 2020

 Nikah OR Haram Relationship...??

Have you ever imagined a bride being pregnant before Nikah..? Well, that's pretty common in Europe & America among both the Christians & Jews.. And it's totally Haram in Islam and may lead to Jahannum.!

Dear sister / brothers, 
👉🏼Engagement is not Nikah
👉🏼Court Marriage is not Nikah 
👉🏼Will you marry me is not Nikah 
👉🏼His/Her parents already know me well is not Nikah 
👉🏼Remember your Fiancee is not your spouse 
👉🏼You don't own his/her body and you can't demand for it.! 
👉🏼Nikah which meets all the shariah conditions is the only licence to have sex.

Sisters, you are not...

A piece of Chocolate, so no tasting... He wants to know if you are good in bed.. You are not a store sample... He wants to know if you are fertile, you are not a lab rat... You come a with a price (Dowry/Mahr) and with respect & honour... Don't you..?? 
Some valuables come with nice packaging and until their full price is paid, you can't open to see what's inside. 

A man who demands sex from you before marriage will ruin your relationship with Allah. And you will be left no where.. So be wise and don't become the prey for the lust of someone.. He is not worthy of you. 

And finally, when the Sins blind our eyes, we claim Love is blind and we accuse shaytaan for the Haram we committed.! 

I have dealt with cases where sisters fall into Haram relationships before marriage and outside marriage and ruin their Duniya as well as Aakhirah.!!

Remember Allah is watching us all the time and we are answerable for our every single action.

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